Yes many of us have hectic and busy days

but it is important to take what I call a time out for yourself

Put yourself in time out. When you have a set time to get up in the morning set your alarm for an extra 10 minutes , that way you can do things like read a couple pages in a good book like a mystery books ,then you’ll be waiting for the next morning so you can see what is going to happen next ( I  know a couple of books that will have you feeling that way)

if you don’t like to read play your favorite album dance to it sing to it relax your mind,

take a warm bubble bath, have some coffee are tea whatever you prefer even a breakfast drink have with a light snack read the paper are a news sight on the internet see what is going on in the crazy world.

yoga is good, get some motivation a



A walk around the block could save your life


According to the American Heart Association,

any type of activity you do whether if its light, moderate, or intense has an effect on your life

All you need is a light walk a day to help prevent disease.

Life is too short to be wasting sitting around watching TV and eating junk food

get up and get moving!


First and for most consult with your dr. are midwife first

Exercise can strengthen the muscles supporting the uterus

its been said the women have fewer complications like backaches, ankle swelling and fatigue during pregnancy, oh how the body will be prepared for the rigors of childbirth

I know I experienced natural childbirth 4times

Exercise  can reduce stress and enhance body image so us women often feel better about ourselves

I read water aerobics is a good exercise sport

walking, swimming  are great exercise yoga is good as well.

but don’t over do it just a workout plan couple hours couple times a day is good.


I read that psychiatrists have evidence that exercise may prevent symptoms of depression

how? well it increases the production of substances that transmit messages between nerves. The more of these you have the less likely you are to be depressed.

Exercise also causes your brain to produce opiates that makes you feel better.

exercise wards your depressive symptoms simply by raising your self-esteem.

So if your feeling depressed, don’t just sit there-Do Something!

Best advice ever^

March 13

The good news about exercise is that you don’t have to run a marathon, to get the health benefits of exercise ,

(movements you can do to exercise )yard work, swimming, walking, riding a bike, golf, tennis. is some good ideas)

Exercising now and not later, will strengthen the heart, lower high blood pressure.

JUST KEEP MOVING; take about an half hour out your day!


First blog post

Hello I am Coach Mia, I am here to provide information in health, fitness, as well as tips.

as well as helpful information in everyday life as far as finance ,sticking to goals planning out your dreams and just living life in a health and fun way..

so I will keep my blogs simple and short straight to the punch!